Brio | Interview d’un intervenant Brio : Simon Carolan
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Interview d’un intervenant Brio : Simon Carolan

Simon Carolan s’investit régulièrement dans le parcours des lycéens (découverte du théâtre en anglais, spectacles de la compagnie Word for Word..) et des étudiants (formation à l’utilisation de l’anglais en atelier, option web strategy…). Toujours débordant d’idées, il a préparé actuellement une thèse à l’Ecole Centrale portant sur le développement d’une plateforme interactive de lecture. La suite en anglais, of course!

Comment avez-vous connu le dispositif BRIO ?

I discovered BRIO several years ago. We were organising the annual Word for Word performance and we wanted to share this major cultural event with the local community. BRIO welcomed us with open arms and we have been working together ever since.

De quelle façon intervenez-vous ?

I organise training for BRIO tutors for promoting the use of English within workshops. We work together to devise lively and entertaining activities to break the language barrier. I also organise an annual theater event with the Word for Word Theater Company that many members of BRIO attend, discover and enjoy! It’s a great pleasure to work with these young people.

Quel est votre parcours universitaire et professionnel ?

I studied French at the University of Birmingham. As part of my studies, I had to complete an Erasmus year at a French university. I chose Nantes and fell in love with the city. I have lived here ever since and I get to combine my passions for literature and sciences by working on interactive publishing platforms at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes.

Un conseil aux lycéens pour les aider à trouver leur voie ?

When I was at university, people assumed that with a degree in French, that I would become a language teacher. I got very annoyed as it was the last of my plans. When I moved to France, I started teaching whilst I was looking for a full-time job and I really enjoyed doing it. It’s good to have plans and dreams but sometimes, it’s unknown routes that are the most promising.

Et vous, comment étiez-vous au lycée, à l’âge de 17 ou 18 ans ?

It was a great time of self-discovery. It is at this age that I started becoming the person that I am today. I was somewhat of a dreamer and I loved spending time with others. I was part of a volunteering programme, helping out in my local community and reaching out to underpriveleged areas with the force of theatre. This was a transformational experience for me as I’m sure BRIO is for its participants.